Happy March 1st

Signs of spring are everywhere!  Especially in SoCal where we are basking in 80 degree temps. Makes me want to move my desk outside to enjoy these “winter” days.

It’s hard to believe that today we kickoff March! How have the first months of 2016 gone by so fast? Oh well, we will celebrate all that March has to offer. I mean who doesn’t love St Patty’s day? We sure do!

National Artichoke day, yup that’s in March (keep an eye out for a tasty recipe). And don’t forget we are only three weeks away from the spring equinox. That’s when we “spring our clocks forward” and extra hour of daylight in the evening. Can I tell you how excited that makes me?! I love having the opportunity after work to spend it outdoors chasing that sunset!

And the most important date of March…Gregory’s birthday! What shall we do to celebrate?

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