We’re the Frey’s, pronounced “Fry” like a French fry… Melissa & Greg to be precise, welcome to Frey Farms (our blog was originally called Honey Bee).

So why Honey Bee? Well, since Honey Bee was intended to be an expression of our favorite things and the life we share together here in sunny San Diego, we thought it should reflect a little bit of us both.

The meaning of the name Melissa in Greek means “Honey Bee”, so of course it would be a natural fit! I am a lover of all things food and cooking, travel, and photography. I also have a little jewelry business venture that I collaborate on with my mother called Tres Designs.

Greg is an Executive Chef by day, well let’s be honest… day and night, and over the last few years has discovered a passion for bees. Everything from raising hives, rescuing swarms and educating others about the importance they bring to our everyday lives.

Frey Farms shares the experiences and adventures of a Chef/Beekeeper and his Wife and their daily life on their little 1/4 acre SoCal suburbia farm.

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