Spring Queening

With spring quickly approaching, it’s the most busiest time for bees and their beekeepers. The hives activity has been very “buzy” in the last few weeks as they work tirelessly to build their population in order to take advantage of the upcoming abundance of spring blooms.

Below you can see a queen cell that is being reared in a hive that is preparing to swarm. But why are they swarming you ask? Swarming is ultimate success of a hive. The bees have worked hard the past year in order to position themselves to create a new hive. The old queen lays new queen cells as she and the older bees leave to make a new hive, leaving behind a new queen and younger bees to continue operating the existing hive.

Did you know…that when bees are swarming, they are at their most docile stage. Don’t be afraid, they aren’t seeking to hurt or harm you. Should a swarm locate near your home, leave it undisturbed, they will soon leave but if they are a nuisance, pull up Google and search “bee keeping society” in your area. They offer humane, ethical removal services for these protected creatures.

The picture below showcases nectar collection. The nectar will fuel the bees for the spring season as they will need energy to feed on the bountiful spring blooms. The honey that has built up over the season will be collected at the end of the summer season.