Vegan Ramen? Yes Please! 

I have been on a ramen kick lately…and I mean big time! I seriously could eat it every week! There is just something so comforting about it and of course…love the noodles. It’s been a challenge for me to find the right place that has a decent tasting vegetarian ramen with lots of veggies and goodies. Although, I am not vegan nor vegetarian, but I am pretty particular with meat. I love chicken, fish, pork and beef but¬†when it comes to ramen…I prefer the veggie or vegan option, I know call me weird ūüôāGreg and I discovered Tajima, a local japanese restaurant here in San Diego. They have a few locations, but we prefer to go to the convoy location. The wait is never unbearable and the food is consistent. We always start off with the fresh made gyoza. One of the best I have EVER had and I love gyoza. I’ll get a pic next time we go, you won’t have to wait that long ūüėČ
The vegan ramen is packed full of veggies like asparagus, shitake mushrooms, corn, bean sprouts, green onion, cabbage and mixed green salad. I order it with the spicy broth to kick it up a notch! Greg usually gets the standard pork ramen with lots of extras. I’ll snap a pic of that as well!

The service is great and like I said, the food is consistent. They serve a wide variety of craft brews, sake and wine. The atmosphere is casual and very relaxed, they tend to¬†play the “club hits” now and then and that will get you questioning where you are…”wait yes we are at a ramen house not da club” haha but no worries here, it’s a trendy place and we would recommend it to anyone visiting San Diego looking for some good authentic japanese cuisine and ramen. You won’t be disappointed.

Grab your chopsticks and check it out today! Tajima San Diego Website

Happy March 1st

Signs of spring are everywhere! ¬†Especially in SoCal where we are basking in 80 degree temps. Makes me want to move my desk outside to enjoy these “winter” days.

It’s hard to believe that today we kickoff March! How have the first months of 2016 gone by so fast? Oh well, we will celebrate all that March has to offer. I mean who doesn’t love St Patty’s day? We sure do!

National Artichoke day, yup that’s in March (keep an eye out for a tasty recipe). And don’t forget we are only three weeks away from the spring equinox. That’s when we “spring our clocks forward” and extra hour of daylight in the evening. Can I tell you how excited that makes me?! I love having the opportunity after work to spend it outdoors chasing that sunset!

And the most important date of March…Gregory’s birthday! What shall we do to celebrate?