Eat Local 

When traveling we always try to make it a priority to shop and indulge in the local produce and cuisine. Fresh local fruit is always a great choice and tastes delicious. Look for local farmers markets while visiting your destination. Farmers markets are very popular and easy to find, plus you get the freshest produce and you’ll support the local economy while doing so. 

One of the worst things to do when traveling, especially overseas or out of the U.S. is to purchase or order items that are not native to the destination you are visiting. Sometimes it might be second nature to order something that you would normally at home but you don’t realize what resources it might actually take to get these items shipped to where you are.   “Fresh” really might not be “fresh” by the time it get’s to you.

One of the wonderful benefits of traveling is having the opportunity to experience different cultures and foods all-while breaking out of your “comfort zone”.

Here are some of our favorites while visiting our favorites:

-Costa Rica: papaya, mango, passion fruit, plantains, pineapple

-Hawaii: lychee, pineapple, coconut, mango, strawberry papaya

-Mexico: prickly pear, guayaba, avocados, dragon fruit, cherimoya

-Northern California: pears, grapes, cherries, apples

-Central California: strawberries, artichokes, figs, grapes, berries

-Southern California: avocado, grapefruit, pomegranate, lemons, kumquat

To find a local farmer’s market while traveling, stop by or call the local visitors center, search online or get friendly and ask the locals!